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Choose one of packages we offer- single, multisite or developer license. You will need to choose “developer’s” license in case if you manage your clients’ websites



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Use simple interface to customize your website’s theme as you like- change colors, fonts or sidebars.

ProReview theme features

Everything you need


Get full control of your site with the amazing ProReview Option Panel, which let’s you manage every aspect of your site with just a few clicks.


Make it unique, customize the look and feel of your review site. Replace header images, upload logos, change backgrounds it’s up to you.


Write reviews, articles, blog posts and pages, all different from each other, with unique features and functions. Well organized and effective review sites.

CustomizeExtensive Options Panel

Get full control of your site with the amazing ProReview Panel, an advanced and easy to use Options Panel to control every aspect of your site, from customization and styling to layout and elements selection. This powerful panel will save you a lot of time and besides it is fun to use, because you can change things with just a few clicks!


PowerfullCustom “Review” Post Type

ProReview is the most advanced review theme in the market, that’s for sure, one reason is that it makes use of the powerful “Custom Post Types” feature from WordPress, this makes Reviews different from normal posts r pages, with unique settings and display features.


ContentShortcode Generator

Another great feature we have included in this theme is the amazing Shortcode Generator, with just a couple of clicks you can insert attractive shortcodes into your content. Customize your reviews and posts to make them more attractive, shortcodes include message boxes, call to action buttons and custom lists.


Plans & Pricing

30 day money back guarantee. No credit card required!

Single Site License

  • You may use ProReview in one of your site (1 Domain)
  • Includes all theme files
  • Includes detailed documentation
  • Includes email support
  • Includes free theme updates

Multisite License

  • You may use ProReview on your unlimited domains (not for resale)
  • Includes all theme files
  • Includes detailed documentation
  • Includes email and chat support
  • Includes free theme updates

Developer License

  • Use ProReview in your client’s websites (Unlimited domains)
  • Includes all themes files
  • Includes detailed documentation
  • Includes email and chat support
  • Includes free theme updates
  • Includes PSD design files
  • Includes Custom Plugins Bundle


Common questions and answers

  • What is ProReview theme?

    ProReview is a premium WordPress theme or framework with advanced functions and powerful options to build effective and attractive review sites for both physical and digital products or services.

  • With what versions of WordPress it is compatible?

    ProReview has been built to work with the latest WordPress versions 3.0+ because it incorporate all the latest features like advanced menu options, custom post types, custom widgets and page templates.

  • Does ProReview work on sites?

    No, this theme only work on self-hosted WordPress installations, this is very important.

  • Is it difficult to use ProReview theme?

    No! We developed ProReview with one thing in mind, that is to make it as easy as possible to build and manage review sites. This theme comes with a powerful and easy to use Option Panel that will allow you to customize the look of your site, add your social media details, control the homepage display etc. In addition we have created an extensive documentation and setup guide so you can start without a problem, we have also created some video tutorials to show you how to setup and manage your sites with ProReview

  • Can I sell the sites I build with ProReview?

    Yes you can! We know some of you like to buy and sell sites (Flipping) that’s why you have no restrictions here… you can sell the sites you build with ProReview, in fact if it is a good business model for you, we encourage you to do so. The only thing you must have in mind is that you cannot resell the theme, that’s all.

  • Is ProReview easy to customize?

    Yes it is! It is super easy to customize the look of the theme, we have included a vast collection of great looking backgrounds and headers so you can change them with just a few clicks! For more informationg regarding cutomization please take a look at the section “How it Works”

  • Besides the documentation and tutorials, do you offer support?

    Yes! Everything has been explained in the documentation and tutorials, but we do offer support for questions or issues that are not included in the documentation or for bugs found in the theme, you must contact our support team with proof of purchase, this is the order ID.

  • Can I use ProReview in more than one site?

    Yes, with the standard or Multisite license you are entitled to use ProReview theme in all the sites you want, as long as these are yours and not for a client.

  • Can I use ProReview in sites that I’ve already built?

    Well, ProReview theme was created to work in brand new sites, it works better that way, because it uses WordPress’ most advanced features like “Custom Post Types”, that’s why if you have a site will posts already published you’ll have to migrate those posts so they can work as reviews. Some users have done this successfully. So it can be done, but please keep in mind that we do’nt respond to issues related to this. ProReview is made for brand new sites that can take advantage of WordPress’ new features.

  • What is the developer license for?

    While the standard or Multisite license allows you to use ProReview theme in as many domains as you want, this only entitles you to use it in yor own domains. Developer license on the other hand is for those willing to build or develop site for clients using ProReview theme.

  • What browsers are supported?

    ProReview theme supports Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 8 and 9, Safari and Opera. Those are the most commonly used web browsers, the theme may work or not in other less used themes. PS. The theme does not supprts IE6 and IE7 because of the low marketshare these browsers have, they’re only used by less than 2% of the active web users.


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